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Đăng ngày 6/5/2015 Cập nhật lúc 02:05:47 ngày 7/5/2015

Lịch làm việc với DFC

Gửi tất cả các Trưởng nhóm

Theo kế hoạch, từ 13:30 đến 15:00 ngày 03/7/2015 Đoàn công tác của DFC sẽ đến làm việc với tất cả các thành viên tham gia Dự án. Nội dung chính là kiểm tra, đánh giá quá trình hoạt động của Dự án, chủ yếu nhấn mạnh ở tiến độ công việc, sản phẩm dự án và những vấn đề liên quan.

Tất cả các thành viên cần trả lời các câu hỏi dưới dạng bảng hỏi phỏng vấn như dưới đây. Vậy rất mong mọi người bố trí thời gian để tránh trùng lặp.

Research Progress Meetings 

Vietnam June-July 2015


1)     Partnerships

a.     How was the partnership established?

b.     How well has it been functioning?

c.     What have been the main challenges in the partnership?

d.     Do you have any suggestions for changes/improvements in the setup of the programme in relation to the establishment of partnerships?

2)     Outcome and impact

a.     What has been the main outcome(s) of the research collaboration (lasting/sustainable)?

b.     What has been the additional value of teaming up with the Danish partners (funding, joint field work, joint publications, etc.)?

c.     What are the main effects on research capacity built at various levels (individual, departmental, university level)?

d.     Are there wider effects of the research collaboration e.g. on the ability to generate external funding, improve research administration, participate in international networks/partnerships, establish international recognition, or increase in quality of research, etc.?

e.     Has the project influenced policies e.g. at university or at regional or national levels?

f.      Has the project supported innovation?

g.     Has it affected (regional) economic activities?

h.     Has it fostered links with private sector or stakeholders within the local economy?

3)     Administrative support to the project

a.     Have you received the necessary guidance and support for financial management and progress reporting from

                      i.     Your own institution?

                       ii.     Danish partners?

                        iii.     Danida Fellowship Centre (DFC)?

4)     Conclusions and last questions

a.     Which challenges/problems have been the most difficult to meet/tackle/solve?

b.     Do you have experience from other donor supported programmes that you would like to emphasize?

c.     Which recommendations do you have for future improvements in the setup of the programme?

(GS. TS. Phan Văn Tân)